Residential Grass Installation Newport

The challenge in this garden was that the client requested a split level garden. So this was subtly done by constructing a new meandering retaining wall with steps being one third of the overall width in order to make a more balanced and proportionate garden.

The meandering shape of the wall was reflected in a meandering brick edge which defined the proposed planting border and by using this meandering shapes this helped to create more definition with the artificial grass. Creating a soft, gentle appearance.

The clients opted for the Mirage range of artificial grass by Namgrass, Namgrass is an excellent producer and supplier of artificial grass products and every type of grass available comes with a ten year warranty as standard which we help to activate upon completion of the installation.

The Mirage range of artificial grass by namgrass is a rich thatch effect grass with 27mm fibres. So realistic and natural in appearance you will have to look twice and also very durable making it ideal for clients with pets and large dogs as was the case with this project.

Another job well done, the client was overwhelmed with the final finish and the transformation installing artificial grass has made to their property.

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