Residential installation Cardiff

This urban installation of Artificial Grass was completed on time and on budget for a young family in Cardiff. This young family needed an area that they could enjoy through winter and summer without compromising the kitchen floor and the Artificial Grass was a suitable solution for this requirement.

The Existing Ground in this garden was very good for drainage but to ensure integrity and durability and to achieve the required levels a large amount of stone dust was brought in via grab service which limited the impact on the installation and reduced footfall to the property.

Again the concrete plinth method was implemented on this project which ruled out using the kiln dried sand which sometimes can be problematic if not maintained.

The Luxury Enigma range of Artificial Grass was used by Namgrass which is a very sumptuous mix of highly advanced shaped yarns giving you the ultimate look and feel.

Maintenance Free. Mud Free. No Weeding. No Seeding. No Watering.