Residential Artificial Grass Installation Cardiff

This residential installation was completed in central Cardiff for a young family Mr and Mrs.Hepburn with a newly born infant.

Though this was a simple installation the main challenge here was that access was only viable through the house. Though every care and attention to detail is taken when working in such areas but in this case this was a brand new property and access route was via the hallway, kitchen and main lounge.

Our clients in this case were more than confident to allow us keys to the gated community and to the property itself which is more than often the case when both couples are away at work, care and due diligence were taken throughout the whole process.

Now Mr and Mrs.Hepburn are able to use and enjoy this previously muddy rear garden the developers had left and will also be able to safely introduce their baby into the garden when the time comes thanks to the child friendly factors of artificial grass.

The Very popular Namgrass Esprit Artificial Grass was installed on this project boasting its standard ten year warranty luxury memory yarn finish!

Maintenance free. Mud Free. Pet and Child Safe.